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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We all need – it’s said – a little drama in our lives. And that half the world’s problems wouldn’t exist if we could but sit quietly, in a room (or even outside), just minding our own thoughts. But no interaction, no stimulation, no excitement, no desire to live. No predicaments, nothing to think about – no way to be interesting to others. Or, as a kid might say, “Mom! I’m bored!”
Half the hate in the world might be just for boredom relief. Agitation simulates life – vivacity, energy, animation, excitement, sexiness. Better to be a rebel than a good boy – at least if you want a lively, entertaining girl.
Lots of things to do besides hate: fight, play games, or, Maynard G. Krebbs (the beatnik on ‘The Dobie Gillis Show’ who later became Gilligan) notwithstanding… even work. Work requires a goal, even if its just bringing in crops – a not very exciting way to spend time, granted, and perhaps not the greatest basis for society (hunting and gathering had advantages aplenty), but there’s wisdom behind Aesop morals like “Slow and steady wins the race.”
Race to what, though? What should one try to prove with one’s life – that one can procreate? Pray? How about smile, despite it all? Now there’s a challenge – a pretty good one I’ll say. But it can be done, and by everyone.
Thailand’s oldest princess started a campaign to encourage all to try to be #1. Absurd, maybe – or maybe not so much so, when you think about smiling. Smiling with love, anyway.

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