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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Addressing the void

A banker beat an anti-bankster in the French election; she says she'll get banking changed anyway. Wish I understood what that means. Bolivia, Hungary and the Philippines are said to be ahead of France on this, but so were Iraq, Libya and Syria. Iceland has jailed some banksters and Spain is now prosecuting others. I tried googling for better info than I have, but found nothing of interest, no indications of an honest evaluation. A left-wing site (counterpunch) says Trump intends to break up the too fat to fall mega-banks and reinstate Glass-Steagal, which would be great, but hey, he says a lot of crap.
The French banker Macron, so loathed by the Right, will be good for the current economy, but the current economy is destined to kill human society as we know it. Could fear, fascism and hatred save us? Obviously not, but we're far too spoiled and self-important to mend our ways. Once, as monarchiestumbled, overthrown by hopeful belief in alternatives, checks and balances were sought; but now we return to an atavistic reverence for extreme ego. We are so weak...

The other day I tried reading “The Silk Roads” by Peter Frankopan, which he calls “a new history of the world.” What a disappointment. No mention of Altai Tocharians, or Cantonese and Teh Chiu speaking merchants of Guangzhou, of ‘Junk Ceylon’ or Srivijaya or Angkor or Ayudhaya (once the largest city in the world), nothing on silk taken to Europe by sea. Nothing on Abyssinia, Barbary Coast pirates, New Orleans pirates, how gold from Mexico and Peru affected banking and how piracy affected shipments of said gold, nothing on Khazars but hey, total acceptance of the myths presented under the name Marco Polo (well, nothing on the Assassins of the Old Man in the Mountain, though a good bit on the Crusades). The Preface was great, and gave me a lot of hope for the book, but it ended up as no more than lame justification for evil powers that be. It’s no wonder so many are so confused, with so much propagandistic distortion out there. What bothers me most is the assertion that the author would do the opposite of what he actually did.
Le Pen is supposedly against “globalization” but I hardly expect that she doesn’t want the French to not travel, or France to neither export or import. The Far Right seems to be against a One World Order they see as run by an ethnic group they feel allergic to. In fact, the global mega-corps destroying the future of human society are run by normal morons to help provide what the rest of us morons clamor for.
In three following blog posts (A Historical Theory, My Illustrious Namesake and Some Personal Intellectual History) here at Mythorelics, I discuss some of what I know that most others do not, and how my family history helped my limited awareness expand. A common sentiment is that ‘bragging’ on family is banal or worse, that while our rulers are bad the blatant mis-information we are constantly presented with is not blatant mis-information (“how will we feed the world without GMOs?!?!?!”), and somehow that only the accredited really KNOW anything (despite that to get that accreditation, they must abandon belief in themselves for acceptance of greater authority, the driving force behind which is desire to MAINTAIN that authority, and the hell with deserving it, we EARNED it!). Ah well, I merely present truth as I see it, mostly in hopes of learning from discussion of it with others. Nothing I can do about others not finding the time, energy or inclination to get involved with that. Whether the “crown of creation” or not, we are pathetically imperfect and riding a runaway train to the destruction of most of that which we live by, and if I mostly just address the Void, so be it.

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