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Friday, October 24, 2008

Better Ways

Not only could there be expanded awareness, better schools, and better laws, prisons, international relations and nutrition,

There are better ways

Of transportation (more rail, public transport and ride-sharing, use of natural gas and electric bikes, and yes, less jet-set flying about)
Of population control (sexual honesty, admitting that it’s not yet a chicken still in an egg, never having taken a breath or even ever having been seen)
Of waste disposal (after well-controlled, limited use, recycling and turning excrement into fertilizer – more easily done than you likely know)
Of product distribution (patent and licensing limitations instead of extensions, and especially the favoring of local products)
Electricity production (solar, graceful wind generators, geo-thermal, methane from sewage utilization, even exercise harnessing)
and storage (well, maybe not just quite yet – batteries have lagged behind other technologies, but still… there could easily be neighborhood power collection and storage repositories, with meters)

but there’s hardly the will or method necessary to implement these ideas – and a very good question, “Why?”, about that!
Where are our beliefs leading us? Do we care? Or, perhaps, do we count too much on something? on a few things? on, even, other people?



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