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Monday, August 01, 2011

left-right dicothomy?

Right-wing talking points the Left won’t accept:
1. Fluoride is a heavy chemical bad for the brain
2. The Fed is only quasi-governmental, and should be nationalized
3. Scientists are often hardly impartial, and tend to ‘prove’ what they want proven.

Left-wing talking points the Right won’t accept:
1. Money has become but promissory notes – debt
2. Government manufactures enemies to suit the ‘military-industrial complex’
3. Only poor immigrants will do certain jobs which we refuse to pay adequately for.

Neither want to recognize that we now demand too much health care (among other things), that abiotic oil is real, or the dangers resultant from the public having become as poorly informed (and opinionated) as it has come to be. But oddly, both now vociferously demand ‘change’ – which the President promised but won’t provide.


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