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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Good Value joke

There was this guy, as good as anyone ever had been, well, not as good as Jesus or Mary maybe, but as good as if not better than anybody else, and God loved him. He decided to be good at a very early age, and worked hard, obeyed all the teachings and earned the trust of those around him. Due to this trust and God's approval, he became quite rich. He didn't trust money, the root of all evil, you know, though, and so stayed away from cash, and gave what he could away. Understanding the difficulties of "easy come, easy go" and not wishing to encourage indolence, he only gave to people deserving of riches, and found them hard to come by. So his riches continued to accumulate, and not trusting cash, he kept most of them in gold. What gold he could find a good home for, he did, but as he grew old, he still had lots. He'd never been one to spend on himself, putting his faith in the after-life, but decided to ask God just one favor: that when he died, he could bring one suitcase with him. God agreed, so he packed a suitcase with gold bars. At the Pearly Gates, St Peter welcomed him, but had strong misgivings about the suitcase. He'd never been presented with anything like that before, and so checked with God, who told him it was OK. But as he was ushering the guy into Heaven, he couldn't quell his curiosity and asked if he might see what was in there. They guy trusted him, of course, and said "OK"... St Peter looked in and couldn't help but exclaim, "Paving stones? You're bringing in pavement?!!!"


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but I like this version better:

retold here:

and for legal minds:

Plus a bonus classic: One day Jesus is helping St. Peter at the Gates to Heaven when an old man approaches.
"What have you done to enter Paradise?" Jesus asks.
"Me?" replies the old man, "not much, I am just a simple carpenter but my son makes me worthy."
"Your son?" asks Jesus
"Yes, my son. He was born under remarkable circumstances and underwent a miraculous transformation. He was loved by many and continues to be loved to this very day. His name will never be forgotten."
Jesus approaches the man and hugs him tightly, "Father!"
The old man hugs him back, "Pinocchio?"

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