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Monday, February 09, 2009

Brain Power

Apparently the human brain can only deal with limited amounts of activity, before failing to operate effectively. Newton, had he had real responsibilities he’d had to deal with in life, would never have been able to accomplish what he did. It wasn’t he who introduced the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says things wind down towards entropy, but it’s interesting to me to note that that is defined as disorder, or randomness. But, should all wind down, it would really be quite orderly – everything evenly distributed. Where then is the chaos? I see chaos as topsy-turvy tides, storms, unpredictability and danger. But when things have ”run down” as the 2nd Law predicts, the Nothing which would happen seems quite predicted, predictable and well, organized, like a clean room.
And another thing – neither the creationists, Darwinians nor theoretical physicists seem to want to absorb and assimilate all the information readily available with which to contemplate the beginning of things. First, if God made the world in “six days” but the world includes the sun, what was a day? 24 hours is simply not an answer. It’s a tautology. Similarly, how can there have been a “Big Bang”? Only if, as Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty said, “A word means what I mean it to mean, no more and no less.” The ‘bang’ concept involves no more intellectual rigor than the creationist argument that an explosion in a print shop can’t produce a book, so evolution couldn’t have occurred. Not to imply that the creationists are wrong on everything – they aren’t. They have several, maybe many, good arguments. They just mix them in with nonsense, as if, after finding some holes in others’ arguments, brain-power then had run down too much to be able to continue operating effectively! Like the theoretical physicists, with crunched dimensions, orders of infinity, orderly chaos and split-second intervals of time when, as yet, time as we can understand it had not yet come into being. These scientists known that Einstein posited changing “rates” of time, whatever that might mean, and even accept that as demonstrated (’though I, for one, am as suspicious of that as of various geologic or chemical dating techniques).
It’s plain illogical to posit observational capacity outside of the act of original creation, as the potential observer – unless that is God (somehow subject to time) has not yet been created!
Logic, dudes. Without it, you’re babbling. Dimensions can’t be small, infinity is a single concept and definitely not some potential variety of magnitudes, and time is measured within a context, without which we have no standard to refer to, or understand, anything with.

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