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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Maybe, as with the diplomatic refusal to mention Gazprom and ex-KGB mafiosas in justification of military adventurism, the completely unrealistic babble about tax cuts is necessary to mask a concerted effort to lower the expectations of minimally productive (and minimally aware) workers in the USA. They won't do lots of jobs, especially in food production, expect too much, consume too much, and contribute but little - and so, I suppose, must be reined in.
After all, why should they have so much more than the vast majority of people elsewhere?
Two sides to coins though - with a better educational system and less religious mummery, they might - and I must stress that equivocal 'might' - just become more responsible citizens... and might, even, not vote against their own best interests (as if they had a tendency to vote, at all...)...
Seems Republicans have always assumed that a lower class of sluggards will always exist, and must be manipulated without drawing much attention to that fact. And there might be something to that, if one can stomach the blatant, unmitigated hypocrisy involved.
Most people simply don't ever find the head-space to think for themselves, but I'm not sure that excuses the ego-defensive and self-assertive aggression which insecure, necessarily self-doubting (in private) "Americans" so regularly exhibit. Bad manners are hard to accept, like hypocrisy. But then, people who live in fear cannot be expected to live with much grace...


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Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.......................................................................

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