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Thursday, January 05, 2017

“Fruit of a poisoned tree” and "national security"

Information, knowledge or power acquired unethically is tainted, suspect at best and likely corrupted. It is unwise to rely on it, depend on it for dispensation of “justice” or even to consider it as correct. Because it was acquired dubiously, it is dubious in and of itself. And it seems to me that this should apply to a lot of information from the CIA.
The legal concept of “fruit of a poisoned tree” is meant to indicate that evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure is tainted, suspect and inadmissible. By extension, shouldn’t it also indicate that rights and privileges won at the cost of the lives, freedom and dignity of people neither convicted nor even accused of crimes, are inherently unjust, unmerited and illicit?
Strange, how much hypocrisy, self-interest and self-satisfaction, plus blinders preventing consideration of activity abroad (as if morality changes at man-made national boundaries, as in: that was long ago, “in another country, and besides, the wench is dead” ) blinds so many ‘Murikans! (OK, OK, Christopher Marlowe was long, long ago and in another country, but I think the argument stands)
England, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and others have suffered as a result of arrogance in utilization of power, but the USA hasn’t, not really. Certainly hardly as much. The legal concept of “fruit of a poisoned tree” was arranged to limit the arrogant utilization of power, to curb excesses and abuses. But now the US glories in excesses and abuses (not only abroad but at home), as exemplified and epitomized by the “choice” provided in the last “two- way” contest for selection of chief executive. Disgusting, it was, and perverse. I realize that this is unpleasant for most who cast a ballot in that “election” to hear, but it is truth, as is the vaguely karmic truth of a kind of retribution for arrogance and other sins now inevitable. The US charges more than anyone else for health-care, holds a higher percentage of prisoners, still abuses its Native population, attacks others with near impunity for no other transgression than threats to the power of global-corporations which now add little to the common weal… It is tiring to think about. I understand that others will not want to, but also that there will be much suffering from that neglect.
What protections are there from unwarranted search and seizure by “the world’s policeman”/sole-superpower? US drones have victimized many not even suspected let alone accused. Even the Bible teaches of pride and subsequent fall, but while the US government is feared at home, most US citizens fail to fear what it does elsewhere…
The world has $70 trillion in national “public” debt; that’s about $10,000 per person. But over half of those people have as income barely enough to survive on, so they won’t be helping “reduce the debt”… another half, at least, are under 18 or over 65. Then there are the severely physically disabled, the insane, prisoners, and the rentier class, who won’t be helping either. Plus there are unsecured personal debts (on credit cards, for education or hospitalization, monies borrowed illegally, etc) so my guess is that, outside of what we owe on houses, cars and other mortgagable property, we average out to a debt obligation of at least $50,000 per person, and most likely far more – to the people who control the unaccountable uniformed services, and who themselves are totally unaccountable.
How safe does THAT make you feel? National security, indeed.

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