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Sunday, July 09, 2017

dirty dozens

The dirty dozen things that’ll kill us, or at least society as we know it:
Global warming (which helps kill not just us, but whole oceans; CO2 levels are now the highest in 800,000 years, at 410 parts per million, way beyond the "tipping point" at 350)
Loss of biodiversity and especially pollinators, but also large predators needed to contain disease-bearing rodents
Loss of topsoil (hey, far less dust-storms now!)
Radiation from nuclear power and loss of stratospheric protective shielding
Antibiotic resistance (but hey, non-therapeutic use of antibiotics for plumper meat DOES promote Campylobacter and Salmonella, which appreciate our help)
Resource depletion
Pollution contamination and lack of good clean water
Seismic and volcanic activity increase from pumping out the Earth crust cooling system
Proliferation of nuclear and other arms
Internal chemical imbalances and other results of the release of antigens, poisons and mutated life forms from human activity like experimentation and the ecological changes we create
Social pressures from overcrowding, injustice and economic class disparity, and righteous anger there-from. Confusingly and unfortunately, insufficient intolerance of intolerance encourages proliferation of divisive belligerence such as cannot but undermine civil society. Open all-inclusiveness sows seeds of its own destruction; giving the same rights to the immature as to the mature destroys the benefits of maturity. Unearned rights are devaluing what has been earned, “easy come easy go” irresponsibility eradicating societal progress. Sometimes, it seems, you just can’t win. Equal self-determination for all equates to all loving at bottom level, justifying the snobbery of those who take the lead in making society uncivil.

A dozen causes of stupidity
Mercury and aluminum
Crowd immersion
Anti-depressants and mood-elevators
Organized religion
Watching professional sports

Maybe worst yet, absolutely everyone is psychically damaged. Self-esteem and insecurity issues, erroneous beliefs, sexual confusion, societally instilled bigotry with other vision-limiting complications… we all need psychological counseling, perhaps psychological counselors most of all.

Some believe that technological fixes might be found, but that usually ignores the likelihood of the blow-back of unintended consequences. Best we just try to be mature about these things (if that's at all possible).


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Blogger Mythorelics said...

Does anyone really understand the sun? Is this just something to mollify worry?

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Blogger Mythorelics said...

Steve Mann posted, 16 May 2018, on Facebook: "At the current rate of increase in atmospheric CO2, 450 ppm will likely be reached in 15 years (2033), and the doubling of pre-industrial concentration (pre-industrial was 280ppm, doubling will be 560ppm) will occur in 56 years (2074). But the CO2 curve is slightly parabolic, suggesting that, if business as usual is continued, 450 ppm will be exceeded before 15 years, and doubling will be exceeded before 56 years.

What's more, the oil and gas industry intends to be fully operational for decades to come. They intend to continue expanding their fracking operations (with the current administration's blessing), which have been shown to leak significant amounts of methane gas, which has a 20-year global warming potential (or a measure of how much heat a GHG traps in the air compared to CO2) of 84 to 87 (meaning 84 to 87 times as much heat trapped as CO2), and a 100-year GWP of 28 to 36. So, if business as usual continues, and the oil companies' plans to produce all of their reserves is carried out, clearly, these symbolic concentrations will occur much sooner than the above estimates, and human civilization will surely go up in smoke!"

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