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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Echolalic Reverberations

To appreciate what I try to get at here, it might be best to first read

Maybe, if e=mcᵌ (light extends in 3 directions not 2) or even if not, there’s a lot of energy out there that we’ve not found ways to measure. Energy that could help explain mysterious subatomic particle activity, mysterious awarenesses, mysteries of ‘singularities’ and star formation, gravity, time and light flow, evolution and cosmic stuff that hippies trip out on. That much in our internal workings and external universe involves echolalic reverberations, resonance, vibrations, ripples and repercussions is obvious. With genetic regeneration, for a while we seem to have lost common-sense appreciation of this in favor of simplistic political/religious parallels. We all know waves from a stone thrown in a pond aren’t exactly the same, but sometimes have lost sight of it.

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