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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Globalization has arrived at a dead end

Globalization has arrived at a dead end. Financial system chicanery only accelerated its demise. The corporatocracy now produces more than it can sell - technology and investment were put into factories and plants to the extent that they now produce more manufactured goods than consumers will buy. And so, global industrial production is at the point where it will start to break down. Debts will not be paid, and markets will only regain any strength if debt forgiveness is provided – an event which currently looks unlikely.
The corporate powers continue in the false belief that the public can be manipulated into allowing the status quo to continue. My favorite example is the recent quoting from Michio Kaku about the $10 billion super collider, posted prominently on web news pages. He says it can work, and help us better understand our universe. But why was that single individual chosen to interview? Because he’s “knowledgeable”? I don’t think so. Kaku may have graduated from Harvard summa cum laude (in '68) and become a noted media personality, but his talk about technologies for invisibility, teleportation, precognition, star ships, antimatter engines and time travel is merely that, and when he babbles about small, “crunched” dimensions – taking advantage about confusion about whether one infinite can be somehow bigger, or greater, than another - he certainly does the fields of physics and mathematics a disservice.
Maybe my god can be greater than your god, I don’t know, but infinite is infinite, no more and no less, and Kaku but a court fool paid to befuddle and distract, confuse, confound and uphold the social position of our “superiors” while appearing to contest givens…
The global economy is ruled by powerful interest groups dominated by a small number of individuals, who deceive themselves as much as they deceive the rest of us, and the public at large is at fault for allowing itself to be led by the nose. We’ve gotten in debt, and most of us are now treated as slaves – even those loudly protesting are mostly just doing what they’ve been manipulated into doing, no matter how directly or indirectly.
Most of us eat food that hinders brain function, relish foolish new technological gadgetry and ways to waste time, and the only – temporary – way out of our master’s deluded betting on “futures” is to allow our globe’s poor to earn and purchase more, thus hastening our demise from lack of resources (or pollution, or global warming, or violent revolution).
But there are ways out of this mess, if only we will take off our blinders. It can be done, but, unfortunately, not by those glued to enticing, glowing screens.



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