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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A visit to the USA

Running around in the USA taking care of lots of paperwork, I haven't been able to think of posting anything here for a while. But there's a backlog of things to think about and write on now, when I'm back home. Some Hopi friends fly to Japan the same day I leave; a member of the Quaker Meeting here has been turning Roden Crater (a volcanic core big hill) into a kind of artistic light display from which one can watch the sky well, without a telescope, and I'm back to thinking about rabbits (brushing angoras for fur which can be spun and woven, writing about possible crossbreeds, trying to photoshop a better book cover...)...
Some hustle must be pursued back home, including work on a tax ID number for my wife and a passport for her youngest sibling, so that he can keep our son good company on another visit here - thier first - in a few years.
Nice to see that my self-built home has withstood forces of nature!
Will be even nicer to be back with my wife and son.

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