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Friday, March 26, 2010

Change One Can Believe In

1st: Halting production of genetically modified foods – it’s an experiment that has backfired. Those who can’t admit to limitations certainly can’t overcome them.
2nd: Ending corporate “personhood” – being simultaneously a person and property is wrong. We KNOW this.
3rd: Ending the wars we are engaging in, including the “Drug War” and all forms of armed interventionism. Justice is never the result of force.
4th: Turn “alternative” energy sources into essential ones, reducing our petrochemical addiction, pollution, global warming, economic globalization and sloth.
5th: Improving education, so that people can see the necessity of the above for survival and ethical self-respect.
6th: Reducing not population expansion, but the population, and also consumption, greed, the polluted mess we’ve made of our planet, economic disparity, injustice and exploitation.
7th: Reinvigorating ecological diversity, acknowledging the importance of all forms of diversity, and decentralizing power without giving reign to petty dictators.

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