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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Language, tribes and sexual activity

It’s differences, and difficulties, keep things interesting. And healthy.
It’s our egotistic pride, and desire for security which we cannot have, which keeps us from seeing others more clearly, and understanding what needs to be understood.
There is much communication without language and language that communicates nothing. My wife and I were angry at each other, and our son, a month shy of 4, refused to go to school until reassured by signs of forgiveness. He didn’t “say” anything, but communicated a need, indeed, forced a settlement. Alternately, I have read lengthy articles full of fancy words, from which I could glean no substance at all, except for a pretense of intent. Much is done to establish, or keep, position; other things are avoided, as our lives can become too busy and full for essential details to be sufficiently attended to. A grouping of people need not share linguistic fluency to become efficiently bound together, but over generations, will begin to establish one, although the meaning of an expression to one, will not be exactly the same as to another. The purpose of all this may not be within our province or place to perceive.

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