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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chosen One

It seems it was long, long ago, that I used to tell friends that Bill Clinton was just a front-office boy, a kind of figurehead or greeter, who didn’t really participate much an any really important decision-making.
Just recently, for the second time I picked up a book with “The biggest challenger to Dan Brown’s crown” (or something quite similar) on the cover. The other one was just normal thriller trash. This one was “The Chosen One” by Sam Bourne ((Jonathan Freedland), and although it too is just a thriller. But it is also one of the best books I have read, not just for being an enjoyable read, but for what it says: which is, that our politicians are just puppets, manipulated by back office workers with real power.
Unfortunately, democracy is little more than a sham, and the various currencies available to us to make transactions with, the same. That some responsibility for this situation rests on the shoulders, or back, of each of us with capacity and capability to make meaningful choices is a sad, but real, fact.
We, too, are mostly manipulated puppets.
Voting for President has become hardly different than voting for a news announcer would be; for other federal government “representatives”, like voting for an advertising executive. And it was people like that, chosen like that, who chose the Supreme Court justices who, almost 130 years ago, gave corporations their great power and virtual impunity from law.



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