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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Conspiracy and cover-ups

As has been clear since times quite ancient, power corrupts. Those with power tend to seek to enslave those without, to frighten, coerce, bribe, contain or otherwise manipulate all others, especially others whom they surely see as beneath them.
That clear answers have not been made for the real reasons for war, the advent of assassinations, the sponsorship of wealth and privilege (as if the privileged needed it!), less than mysterious electoral events and many another shenanigan to do with power, is hardly to be denied. All who say we know that a lone assassin was responsible for the JFK/Dallas calamity are but being frighteningly frightened into foolishness. Those who do not take interest in the blatant cover-ups of 9-11 are, in their personalities, less than sheep, and make democracy less than viable. Clearly, there should be shame where there is none!

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