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Author of many self-published books, including several about Thailand and Chiang Rai, Joel Barlow lived in Bangkok 1964-65, attending 6th grade with the International School of Bangkok's only Thai teacher. He first visited ChiangRai in 1988, and moved there in 1998.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Being back in Chiangrai, recovered from jet-lag and ready to start writing again,
I thought I might comment on all that here. Usually I don't use this blog to write about me, but rather about ideas, history and what goes on in the world; but I have started wondering if anyone who reads this would have interest in the three novels I am working on. I work and edit, put them away, come back, make new imporvements, and yet they remain unpolished, imperfect, and desperately in need, I'm afraid, of editorial suggestion! Every once in a while I print up some copies, hoping for some input, or find someone to send e-text to, but little comes of that (ah, well).
Another long-term dream of mine is to get tapestry weaving done with angora rabbit fur; I've brought a bit back with me, and expect to give it to someone who says they can make string from it. Maybe something good will happen, maybe not. One can sometimes only hope.

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